RealImage Inc. provides our customers with the best autostereoscopic 3D displays. We can provide a system including all content, software, and hardware or a part of it. Examples of product configurations include a system consisting of a 32-inch display and a PC or a 12.9-inch tablet. The sizes of displays we can sell range from small tablets to about 65 inches. We are currently planning to develop even larger displays. We can also support embedded devices. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
System Architecture of our 3D Display
Figure System Architecture of our 3D Display


32-inch large screen autostereoscopic 3D display
“RealImage 3D-32TM

Product Composition

  • 32-inch display (+ 3D processing)
  • Camera modules for tracking
  • PC (+ capture card)
  • Software
    • Calibration
    • Real-time 3D Composition
    • Real-time 3D video signal capture

Products PDF

12.9″ tablet-type autostereoscopic 3D display

“RealImage 3D-iPadTM


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